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What is a UTV

     What do the three letters mean. There is not always an agreement when it comes to what UTV stands for. I’ve like prefer the “Utility Terrain Vehicle” others use “Utility Task Vehicle” or simply “Utility Vehicle.” and all three are acceptable. More confusion, many label UTV as Side-by-Side vehicles, SxS, or Side by Side still fine.

Each UTV rental includes the UTV tow trailer with no additional charge.

With all our booking packages we supply the trailer.

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A UTVs allow you to explore the wide-open spaces of mountain trailers, desert areas, and country back roads. They are not just for Hotdogging, sure UTV is fast a little race cars.

The UTV is very versatile vehicle and can be enjoined by many. The camper that wants to go deeper in the thick and carry more gear or heavier gear. A hunter can use a UTV to track and haul out big game. The nature lovers can find incredible photo opportunities or the family outing.

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UTV Rentals

Arizona has an abundance of diverse landscapes and is full of natural beauty.  The only to take in some of the many hidden secrets is hiking or going in style with a UTV.

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We have two locations to pickup your UTV Mormon Lake AZ and Mesa AZ we will supply helmets and the UTV tow trailer to get your UTV to your preferred location.